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Christmas Trips 2002

We went to a bunch of places while in California: Grand Canyon, Hoover Dam, Lake Elsinore (southern California), and Mexico.

cool, huh?

It was a long ride and we were all tired.

Even more cool.

Me with the one and only Zang.

I (center) kept running around the canyon. Dad (left) got scared and tried to make me stop running. He couldn't stop me, so he eventually sent Kaveh (right) to bring me back.

The Colorado River is running through the Canyon.

The three of us in front of the Hoover Dam

A couple of intake towers at the Hoover Damn.

Picture of Lake Elsinore as we drove up a mountain near by.

The picture got messed up, but it looks pretty cool.


Nobody believes me that this sign exists. It's of a Dad and Mom dragging a child across the freeway.