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Forensics - Fall, 2002

A map and various photos from the forensics (public speaking) season.

Our Travels

A map of our tournaments for the semester and a list of awards that I won at each tournament

After the tournament in Bloomsburg, PA from November 8 - 9, 2002, the hosting school threw a tight party

Justin, Fairouz, and Patrick "dancing." See, that's why I refused to dance with them. Hey, guess which ones looks like SHE just filming "the Exorcist"? Go ahead, guess.

Nishant's about to pour water on Fairouz's head, but she just ain't havin' it.

While in New York from November 16 - 17, 2002, we had a little time to go around the city and goof off.

Yay! It's my team!

Hey, it's us again. This time we're eating dinner.

It's my team without me - jerks

More jerks.

Me, Patrick, and our coaches Holly and Fairouz visiting the memorial across the street from Ground Zero.

To celebrate the end of a fun and exhausting semester, we had a great party at Holly's house.

Some of my homies

That's the Koala I got for Holly

Me reading the story that came with the Koala

Fairouz is excited to get presents. I call this the "Before Picture." :-)

Fairouz making fun of my "empty phone book"

Me and Fairouz

Chris P and Erin

Funny Patrick making fun of funny Kyle. That was fun.

Yes, it's a picture of the table - get off my back!

That's the team.

Those be the coaches.