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Birthday 2003

One of my birthday parties.

Yes, Huma shoved cake in my mouth. No, I don't no why. Yes, I did put cake in her hair in response. Yes, the cake did taste good.

My hands got burned from trying to put out trick candles on my 2 cakes. And before you ask, I had to do it - they dared me to.

Patrick, Hussain, and Anita laughing at me because I'm tired from blowing out candles. Anita looks funny here (Now what?!)

Well, that's the lovely Huma lighting the lovely candles on my lovely cake. Lovely.

Hey, look, it's Larry and his sister! Hey, Larry!

Most curious, indeed. Or intoxicated. Whatever.

Hey, look, it's Nadia! Hey, Nadia! I know what you're thinking - "Not funny the first time, definately not funny the second time." Agreed.