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Forensics IOA Nationals 2003

International Oratorical Association (IOA) tournament in Texas, 2003.

Not only do we have a living room in our hotel room, but it's huge!

We each had our own bed. This is Forensics Heaven!

Can you say "Mini Bar"? Hehe.

Me and Kevin lookin' sharp before our first day of competition.

Victory! (after we both made it into semi-finals)

Tim and Rob drinkin' it up.

Let's see....that's Kevin, Holly, Bruce, Rob, Tim, and Becky having ice cream before we saw a movie. This was the best tournament ever!

Before I ate my quail, I played with it...I played with it long and hard (it broke).

Kevin is pointing out Rob's small....uh...."package."

Jon eating somethin' at Hard Rock Cafe

Kevin, Me, and Holly posing on the boar at the town center.

Kevin and me posing before our second day of competition. Damn, I'm cute.

Mark and John....or should I say Gilligan and the Skipper. "Well, hey there, Little Buddy."

We got to go play games near the aquarium - this was the best tournament EVER! Oh, Breon was always a graceful winner.

Rob dances prances after winning the game where you hammer a lobster into a moving bucket.

Kevin is laughing :-)

That's Breon.

Holly still trying to throw Rob into the water.

Kevin looking shocked as a street performer is about to throw a torch at him.