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Hawaii 2009

Oahu and the Big Island in May/June 2009.

Hiking on the Big Island

Diamond Head hike, close up

Diamond Head hike, farther out

View on the drive from the airport to the hotel.

views from the private beach at our hotel.

views from our hotel balcony.

walking around the city.

THE FOOD TOUR!!! One of the best days on the island. I highly recommend this tour!

Manapuas (meat pocket) at a local shop.

local market

in the kitchen watching workers make giant noodles.

meat on sticks - how can you go wrong?

Dragon Eyes...some kind of fruit.

excellent cream puffs!

flight from Oahu to the Big Island

we walked all the way down there...I'm still tired

active volcano

the loco moco - a bed of rice topped with a burger patty, fried egg, and gravy.

driving around the Big Island

The hike up Diamond Head - very tiring, but great views

We attended a very touristy luau at the hotel

Pooka dog - a bun toasted from the inside and stuffed with tropical relish and a hot dog.

Gourmet burger at The Counter.

Burger of the Month at The Counter - carne asada burger

pineapple ice-cream at the Dole Plantation

Burger at a restaurant in the back of Macy's topped with onion rings and guac

kim che rubin - very tasty