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Haiti Response 2010

In February/March 2010 I took leave from work and went to Haiti as a member of the American Red Cross Information Technology and Telecommunications Emergency Response Unit. I worked with the Danish Red Cross and Spanish Red Cross in support of Red Cross and Red Crescent activities in Haiti.

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These maps were made in Google Earth from my GPS. These are some of the sites I visited while in Haiti. Most of my time was spend in PaP but I made trips to different parts of the city and other parts of the country.

Base Camp - Early Photos

These photos of the base camp were taken before I arrived. This was going to be a Hilton hotel but the construction was halted before the hotel was finished. The concrete shell was all that was completed - no windows, doors, or utilities. Most of the grass outside was eventually bulldozed and covered with rocks to reduce dust and mud.

Base Camp - Later Photos

The base camp was more developed after I arrived. You can see the tents (some for sleeping, others for kitchens or administration). The orange "caution barrier" shows the border between the Italian- and Danish-managed sections.

This was the typical breakfast in the Italian camp - toast, butter, jam, and a beverage.

This is where I spent a good amount of time fixing computers.

The Shelter group was building a prototype housing structure to get people out of tents and make-shift shelters

We spent some long days on the top of the hotel and surrounding structures to wire the building. Bo, from the Denmark, climbs this tower while I feed him cable from the top of the hotel.

Delmas VHF Installation

The German Red Cross had a hospital and basic health care unit in PaP. This is the basic health care unit in Delmas. I went there with Fermin of the Spanish Red Cross to install a VHF base station. We bolted the mast to a cinder block we put in the ground. The mast was about 25 ft tall.

Leogane VSAT Installation

A VSAT was installed to improve Internet access in remote sites.

Moulin Sur Mer (day off)

For our day off a small group of us went to a hotel on the beach north of PaP. I was mostly excited for hot shower, but the swim and buffet lunch was nice too. This was the only real day off I had while in Haiti. I was sick one day and went out for lunch two other times. We also visited a nearby museum showing the history of the area as a sugar cane farm.


VHF repeaters were installed to improve the range of radio communication.

Orlofson (lunch)

One of the few lunches I enjoyed outside of base camp was at a hotel in the City. I had chittale (sp?), which was a seafood cake, and steak. I also enjoyed the bottles of coke.

Petit Goave

Various Installations