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Miscellaneous Photos

Random stuff.

Lisa's Engagement Party

Food at Melting Pot

Food at Melting Pot

Random lady with a snake in Baltimore.

At Six Flags w/ Aly for her work event

Camping Scenery

Fall 2001, I went camping with two friends in Shenandoah, Virginia. This is the view we woke up to in the morning.

The Tent

I personally supervised the setup of this tent!

Deer Carcass 1

While wondering through the woods near our tent, I found the rib cage and hide of a deer.

Deer Carcass 2

A few feet down from the rib cage was this deer leg, partially stripped of its skin.

Deer Carcass 2

After spending days re-building this glass light after a Sears truck ran it over, a Washington Post delivery van tried to make a U-turn in our driveway, slammed into the light, and sped off. Luckily, the people across the street got the license plate number and the police are looking into it...and looking...and looking...