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Work Photos

Various photos from work-related events and peeps.

Three photos from my last day in Arlington (October 11, 2006)

David's Birthday 2006

Colin in Indonesia

Work's End-Of-Year Party. Good times.

Meg's Birthday 2005

Jid at my work's party; April 8, 2005

The family at my work's party; April 8, 2005

Microwaves do not like plastic and metal cups. A little non-Sohrab accident at work. And yes, ladies, I did put out the fire all by myself

Dirty fridge.

Photo from the Washington Post for a drill that our office participated.

Red Cross at the Astrodome in response to Hurricane Katrina

President Bush at American Red Cross headquarters with Marty Evans, President and CEO of the American Red Cross

Meg's Birthday 2006